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We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Chaffhaye forage products, share important nutritional information, and answer the most frequently-asked questions about Chaffhaye, the ultimate all-natural forage product on the market. This web site is designed to give you a better understanding of your animal’s nutritional needs, as well as complete information about Chaffhaye forage products. We are committed to providing you with information you need to make the best nutritional choices for your animal. So, welcome to Chaffhaye! We encourage you to explore the information here, and contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

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Goats & Sheep

Chaffhaye is crafted from premium quality alfalfa, optimum digestibility and zero waste during feeding make Chaffhaye the superior choice for any size goat operation.  Learn More


Chaffhaye is mold, dust and GMO Free.  With its  moist and palatable texture, Chaffhaye is the nearest thing to real pasture. Naturally occurring probiotics enhance digestibility and ensure your horse is getting the best nutrition available.Learn More


Every livestock owner knows the importance of a high quality forage on their animals health.  Chaffhaye offers optimum digestibility, premium quality alfalfa and a taste they will love!Learn More

Deer & Exotics

Chaffhaye provides increased digestibility of the nutrients essential for growth. Zero waste during feeding make Chaffhaye the cost effective alternative to dry, dusty bales. Learn More

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Chaffhaye offers significant nutritional, practical, and economic benefits over dusty hay, pelleted feeds and other high-cost concentrates. We guarantee that Chaffhaye is the most nutritious, easily digested forage product on the market today, and we are committed to maintaining that leadership into the future.

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Nubian Dairy Goat Farm

Last year (2011) we purchased 6 pallets of Chaffhaye Alfalfa to feed to our herd of 30 milking Nubian goats. The New England hay season the year before (2010) was very poor and the quality of the first cut hay that we harvested was inadequate and the lack of rains that summer led to a limited amount of second cut, which our Nubians prefer anyway, After searching around for alternative hay, including buying straight hay alfalfa, we made the decision to try the Chaffhaye, having six pallets shipped to us from Texas. We fed half hay and half Chaffhaye starting in about May when we received the product and fed it through the milking season [winter].

Because it is too fine/short for a traditional hay rack, we built feeders out of 55 gallon plastic drums cut in half placed in a "crib." We drilled holes in the bottom. The goats took to it right away and ate up every bit of it. Unlike with hay, which the goats pull out and drop and then won't eat, there is no waste with the Chaffhaye. The size is small enough that they take a mouthful and can chew and swallow quite easily. There were never any digestive issues for the goats.

I have examined our milking records for both quantity and quality of milk. Recorded cheese production for us went up over 30% from the previous years. This year we plan to keep more detailed records of milk production per animal, but we observed a more steady lactation for all the goats throughout the summer months and into the fall when goats traditionally slow down. The increase in cheese production may also be in part due to the change in the milk composition in a way that improved yield. Butterfat and protein were each a whole percentage point higher than the previous year.

Our overall herd health was very good and we added water "bubblers" that provided the goats with dean, cold, fresh water on demand. This along with good animal selection and we believe, the Chaffhaye Alfalfa, created a perfect mix of factors that allowed us to realize the increase In production, absolutely offsetting the higher price of the Chaffhaye (then second cut hay/alfalfa). Combined with the ease of storage, lack of perishibility and the goats enjoyment of the product means we look forward to feeding it to them this year.

Liz Mulholland, Cheese Maker
Valley View Farm

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