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We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Chaffhaye forage products, share important nutritional information, and answer the most frequently-asked questions about Chaffhaye, the ultimate all-natural forage product on the market. This web site is designed to give you a better understanding of your animal’s nutritional needs, as well as complete information about Chaffhaye forage products. We are committed to providing you with information you need to make the best nutritional choices for your animal. So, welcome to Chaffhaye! We encourage you to explore the information here, and contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

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Goats & Sheep

Chaffhaye is crafted from premium quality alfalfa, optimum digestibility and zero waste during feeding make Chaffhaye the superior choice for any size goat operation.  Learn More


Chaffhaye is mold, dust and GMO Free.  With its  moist and palatable texture, Chaffhaye is the nearest thing to real pasture. Naturally occurring probiotics enhance digestibility and ensure your horse is getting the best nutrition available.Learn More


Every livestock owner knows the importance of a high quality forage on their animals health.  Chaffhaye offers optimum digestibility, premium quality alfalfa and a taste they will love!Learn More

Deer & Exotics

Chaffhaye provides increased digestibility of the nutrients essential for growth. Zero waste during feeding make Chaffhaye the cost effective alternative to dry, dusty bales. Learn More

Discover the Chaffhaye Advantage

Chaffhaye offers significant nutritional, practical, and economic benefits over dusty hay, pelleted feeds and other high-cost concentrates. We guarantee that Chaffhaye is the most nutritious, easily digested forage product on the market today, and we are committed to maintaining that leadership into the future.

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My Thoroughbred Hershey

thriving 20-year old horse after ChaffhayeAfter moving to Texas from Oregon four years ago, my thoroughbred "Hershey" began to show signs of colic.  The extreme climate change and difficulty of finding good quality forage were issues that began a downward spiral decline in his health.  Once a thriving, energetic horse he became lethargic, los weight and gone was his shiny dapple coat.  Within a year, his mild colic episodes now turned into more severe colic and closer together.  Many trips to a number of vets, more bills, several different supplements, list goes on but nothing seemed to help him.

The last trip to the vet for colic, a lady overheard my conversation with the vet and as I was leaving she ran over to tell me about Chaffhaye.  She had a similar situation and put her stallion on more colic.  After going home and reading about this type of forage, I was hopeful and was willing to try anything to help Hershey.  Opened the first bag of Chaffhaye and started him out slowly.  Fast forward a year later....I now have healthy, thriving horse of 20 more colic!

I am a firm believer in Chaffhaye and am thankful to the lady that cared enough to tell me her story and for all the help I have received from the knowledgeable staff at Chaffhaye.  Since being introduced to this incredible forage, there has been a huge bonus to this.  I now have a forage that is consistent, no waste, no dust, no weeds or beetles, easy storage, and is cost effective.  These are all wonderful benefits that have made it easier to feed my horses, but nothing compares to seeing Hershey run through the pasture and know that Chaffhaye has made it possible!

Liberty Hill, Texas

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